Airports Are Becoming Like Shopping Centres Thread


On excellent advice from Sledgehammer I’ve decided it’s a good idea to start this thread.

Dublin Airport is more like a shopping centre than an airport of late. You can buy a three piece suit, a bit of smoked salmon or a digital camera but try to get a seat if your flight is delayed a few hours, not a fucking chance. What ever happened to airports having a just pub, a newsagent or two and a place for cheap fags and liquor? Why in God’s name would somebody want to buy a novelty tie by the B gates, for fooks sake!!

It’s still not as bad as the U.K. though. On my last flight from East Midlands the gate information for said flight was not yet released on the screens, while I waited for the gate information to be released the departure screens suggested that I shop and relax. I decided on the latter, but couldn’t find a fooking seat:mad:!


Didn’t know where to put this.

Not sure if I’d buy this though with all the aviation fuel around.