Albums of 2020

My first contender for album of the year.

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Are you wearing a bowler hat?

I remember enjoying one of her albums with Mark Lanegan many years ago

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I had a sneak preview listen to Limerickman Paddy Dennehys new album. He will be a household name by the end of the year, chalk it up

What were you doing with Mark Lanegan besides listening to albums @caulifloweredneanderthal?


Is he still singing like Tom Waits?.. Is he gone from the band now?

No and Yes, making his Galway debut soon, can’t wait

I remember him in Mary I and was impressed with his songs when he was only 19/20.

He’s the real deal, no question

Mary I is the best college in the land

A bit too Randy Newman for me. And Waitsy obviously. Saw him do a few supports in Limerick but didn’t do it for me

Some new Hip-Hop:

This Bill Fay is great.

Also new Four Tet out!

This is album of the year btw.

For R’n’B fans, this new Brent Faiyaz is great.

This Cleo Sol album is a cracker if you want some soul or R’n’B.

The Strokes album is excellent

New The 1975 album out today :heart_eyes: