Alive! - Catholic Monthly Newspaper

Does anyone else get this bundle of enlightenment pushed through their letterbox on a monthly basis?

Some of this month’s highlights:

Astrology, Anxiety Rule

Europe today has been taken over by astrology, superstition and abortion says a bishop. The West is destroying it’s own future by rejecting its Christian roots. God is back! But Europe on the whole doesn’t get it. Scientific progress is a big part of the problem.

More sex education = More teenage pregnancy

Includes the quote ‘Most people would be highly suspicious of people who want to talk about sex to other people’s children’ (this from a catholic church publication). Apparently, the people who want this are always militant leftists who loathe family life. Civilised society is swirling down the plughole into moral chaos.

Worse, much worse than both of these though, were the following:

Is media cover of child abuse agenda driven?

From Bishop Cristopher Jones of Elphin. Key points here were:

  • Blame being unfairly put on the church
  • Why is the media putting so much focus on the church?
  • RTE is cynically using the abuse of children to attack the catholic church
  • The media is more interested in covering up abuse than anyone else


Getting ‘whole truth’ about abuse

The essence of this article is other parties were may more culpable for the abuse that went on than the church. Also, does any of this media attention really help the people who were abused? Really?

Other highlights include:

  • Don’t let the State take over education
  • The new marriage bill is a huge threat to freedom
  • There is a gay conspiracy to undermine all Western states
  • Immoral, godless, stem cell research has been proved to be worthless (doesn’t say where)
  • Freemasons control the EU
  • Modern artistic works betray the real purpose of art: inspiring yearning for god
  • A lovely colour in picture for kids of Jesus being crucified


Scientific progress is a big part of the problem (I know you’re paraphrasing here WTB, but we know what you mean).

Is the phrase Jesus wept appropriate here?

‘Most people would be highly suspicious of people who want to talk about sex to other people’s children’ - as opposed to not being highly suspicious of priests who just want to have sex with other peoples children.

This can’t be real. If it is I demand vigilante action be taken, NOW!

Larry Goodman is one of the biggest contributors to Opus Dei in Ireland. Enough said.

Giovanni Trappatoni is a member also.

Pretty sure Bertie Ahern was a member of the Knights of Columbanus or another one of those pre Facebook cults.

I’m a member of the Knights Templar.

Opus Dei, the armed wing of the Catholic Church…