All Hail John Delaney

I second this.

Her head is too small and his is too big. Like the nursery rhyme.

If he was in the charge of the vaccine roll out there would be full crowds at stadiums already.

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The best Taoiseach we never had.

The only fellas we ever had who were respected in Europe were John and Big Phil.

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There certainly would. It would have been freely available eBay.

Time to get John back to Abbotstown to clean up this shitshow.

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We didn’t know how good we had it

This spoofer doesn’t know if he’s coming or going

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This cunt and his 4 other UK comments - cringe for the pricks that chased Mr Delaney out

FAIreland :soccer::ireland: on Twitter: “FAI CEO Jonathan Hill on EURO 2028 bid “One of the core tenets of our Strategy is to unite the country in relation to football and I can’t think of anything more inspirational than hosting the third largest sporting event in the world.” #EURO2028 | #WeAreOne | #WeAre100” / Twitter


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Sympathies to John and family on the passing of his mother Joan.

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I’ll pass on your regards.

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Dela might need to go and cry in a flat in Wales. About a month should do it. Back in time to run in the next GE

Delaney must be sick. Would be in Qatar at the moment living the high life only for the deck of cards falling apart.

Getting by the alcohol free pints in for the lads

That’s the thing about a house of cards mate…