All Hail John Delaney

What a hero!!!

I’m not going to explain what he’s done because he wouldn’t want the publicity. But the man has just done me and @Bandage an extraordinary favour. Forever in his debt.


Enjoy the game lads. Hope ye drink plenty of trebles over there.

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John Delaney ACA

What a man. #stunned

JD is one of the all time greats.

I doubt we will ever see the likes of him again.

He’s surely an FCA by now?

He is not. I’ve just informed a number of chartered accountants of this fact and they too were surprised.

Didn’t bother his hole joining the institute despite masquerading as one of us.

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A gentleman administrator

I can the appeal of trebles this weekend but I’m more of a JD man.

Did he sort ye out with a few black market tickets. He’s brazen out our John after what happened in pat hickey.

That last paragraph of the above article is borderline disgraceful

How can we hail him if we don’t know what for?

Who gives a fuck really?

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Are you starting something?

Just heading off to bed to be honest, the missus has had a hernia operation and I’m like a fucking blue arsed fly from 6am till 9pm, a full time job in the middle of that, she can’t even lift a kettle at the moment.
I’ve no patience for these stupid fucking guessing games.

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It’s 9pm … would you not stay up and watch a show or two to your liking… have a wank, a beer etc etc

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You’ve really no idea, today I’ve got four kids ready for school, given them breakfast, made four school lunches, brought them to school,
Done a days work…
Brought one to gymnastics, got the dinner, collected from gymnastics, cooked and served up dinner for 6, emptied and loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, took two for a cycle, got them ready for bed, read the little ones stories, prepared 4 school lunches for tomorrow, washed and dried clothes etc etc etc

I’ve been doing that for the last few days and will be for the foreseeable future, beers and wanks are out of the question entirely.

I’m glad to have hijacked this stupid thread though.


This too shall pass pal. Head up.

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Fuck me , I’m knackered after reading that