All Hail Wexford TD James Browne


What’s going on with all the dog stealing lately?

i think the price of dogs has shot up so its more attractive to rob them.

its horrible, one story of an 85 year old man having his dog robbed, disgusting

I had to take my dog to the night vet last week, the vet said that some people dropped a chiwawa in. One of his leg was nothing but bone, he said it was like what he would have seen when he was studying in university, he had to amputate the leg.

the people that dropped him in gave a false name and address and were never to be seen again


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Because you couldn’t cover during lock down I’d imagine it drove the prices for pups up.

These lads doing this are about as low as you can get. Cutting out microchips and everything.

Candidates for a Nallyesque treatment.


They’re fierce easy to fuck into the back of a moving hiace

Dogs are indentured slaves. Maybe the people who steal them are liberators.

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Great news

Pets are part of the family, not part of the furniture.


Jaysus, you went deep into the contrarian handbook on that one.


It’s the cunts that buy them knowing what they’re getting is likely stolen.


I just had a great idea for a segment on a radio show (maybe Joe Duffy) called “Fulvio’s Contrary Take”.

Every day at the same time Joe says in his least depressed voice “OK, now you know it’s time for Fulvio’s Contrary Take”. Then a really silly bouncy jingle plays: “You might feel the seethe/ It will keep you awake/ You’ll need room to breathe/ It’s a contrary take.”

“Hi Fulvio”, says Joe in a bubbly mood, “What’s your contrary take today?” The dry Italo-Armaghian tones of Fulvio briefly sound through the radios of the land; “People have been very concerned lately about an increase in the number of dog-nappings. Dogs are indentured slaves. Maybe the people who steal them are liberators.” The Contrary Take never takes longer than five seconds. “Brilliant!” says Joe laughing. “As always the Contrary Take was sponsored by FBD Insurance.”

Twenty minutes later Breda from East Wall calls up Joe to disagree with the Contrary Take. “I dink it’s bleedin terrible Joe, people stealing de poor dogs. I dont agree with dat take at all.” “It was a very contrary take”, says Joe sympathetically. “He’s an awful contrary character.”

Sometimes there’d be a bit of fake radio banter between Fulvio and Joe. “That was a beautiful weekend”, says Joe. “I prefer it when it’s raining”, says Fulvio.

Maybe I should get into radio production.


One mans liberator is another mans gate seller.

The Arts council have bursaries available at the moment. I’d say you could get funded for that.

A great day for the Enniscorthy man :clap:

Get up. Get on up

And dogs up and down the country

Former Minister of State Michael W Darcy is set to resign his Seanad seat to pursue a career in the private sector. He’ll be sadly missed (not sure where exactly)…

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