All Ireland Hurling Championship 2017


Cody played a masterstroke today handing the game to us. Gives his aging side a break until mid June. A chance to fine tune things in their infamous training sessions and he knows how Wexford will line out. He’ll get to see Tipp dismantle us and throw a shadow over the Davy experiment. He knows we’ll arrive in Wexford Park in mid June in high spirits and the hammering will commence as they head to another Leinster title and All Ireland final.


Ah here. We’d hardly be thick enough to go to Nowlan Park with the match in Wexford?



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Kilkenny aren’t an aging side. All their older players have pretty much moved on and have been replaced by dross like Prendergast, Lester Ryan etc.

Paul Murphy, TJ Reid, Colin Fennelly, Richie Hogan are all 28/29 while Padraig Walsh, Walter Walsh, Cillian Buckley, Eoin Murphy, Conor Fogarty are all mid 20s etc


Prendergast is aging, he’s 31. And Ryan will be 29 this year too. But won’t be starting in Championship.


Exactly, a side littered with winning championship experience. Losing today will prove a masterstroke when they face us with us having already hit our peak.


They aren’t an old side by any stretch. Joyce isn’t young either. Age isn’t the problem for Kilkenny it is that they are utterly reliant on 5 or 6 hurlers as they no longer have any depth in their squad and also have a serious lack of pace in their team. The old lads with huge miles on the clock are all gone at this point.


I’d say he won’t be starting the training session on Tuesday night after today’s performance


The Limerick lads getting fierce carried away after beating a rubbish Cork missing four starters.


Tipp have this sewn up, all the other games not involving them should be fairly entertaining though.


As a Limerick hurling fan you learn to take what you can get.


Who and where are they getting carried away? And yes, Cark are fucking atrocious - I’d be keeping my head down if I were you, kid. It’s just nice putting Cork back in their box on their home turf - No one is getting carried away.


As I said in the league thread Wexford won’t get near KK this June, in fact I wouldn’t rule out a defeat in the quarter final


Tom Devine (Deveeeen) has left the Waterford hurling panel.


Why ???


Wants to broaden his horizons and see the world. That holistic crack has come back and bitten McGrath in the arse.



I hear Glynn is back on the Galway panel, a serious addition.


Chap is dead right to go. You’re only young once.


+1. You’d feel sorry for the likes of Johnny Glynn being dragged back into the mire by the likes of his auld man.