All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Thats a lovely thought to keep you warm with this winter.


That’s right and you better believe it.


Whats right?


Both of the earlier posts on this thread.


I’m curious, were you always stupid, or has it come on recently?


You are very weak.


I have a body like Carl Froch.


In fairness now Galway have a great advantage to be able to sail through Leinster unscathed allowing them to peak for August.


I’d drop that fool like a teddy bear.


I still can’t get away from the thought that kk are lurking away in the grass, the fuckers.


Kilkenny are gone mate, Limerick will put the final nail in the coffin this weekend.


They’re gone mate. You’d like to think they’ll be buried this weekend, but its Limerick and well, anything is possible.


I wouldn’t bet on it but I like your style.


Tipp and Galway the teams to beat and probable finalists .

Initial draw will be interesting . Then the qualifier draws .

Cork semi finalists and maybe Waterford . Both sides good but the big two better .

Kilkenny another poor year . Limerick and Clare will improve but still a bit off the pace . Wexford will improve but still lack a bit . OffAly to further regress .


Buff Egan’s fame will fade .

Attendances will consolidate .

Cork will win the League.


Hopefully Ger Canning will be back commentating on next year’s final we’ll see the back of that foolish little gollywog from New York.


Second year in a new golden era of hurling. New team will come through on a run to final. My bet is that it will be Limerick. They’ll get through to the final against Galway. Galways old failings will come to the fore again and Limerick will triumph.


Seoirse Bulfin is a massive addition to Limerick. I think they’ll win it too.


Has he left Davy for John?


Tipp to beat Galway by a point in the final with Padraig Maher to gallop up the field, flatten Gearoid Mc and split the posts in injury time.