All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


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Galway v Kilkenny in All Ireland final.


A resurgent Tipperary will be back in the final next year to attempt kicking off their latest two In a row quest. Waterford to beat them in a thrilling final.


Limerick to win Munster
Cillian Buckley to be HOTY. Kyle Hayes or Mark Kehoe YHOTY


Galway V Tipp final after Cork had won Munster and Davy Fitzgerald’s Wexford had won Leinster. The slow starts the eventual finalists showed were blown away when they respectively hammered Waterford and Wexford in the semi’s.

Galway win by a point, surprisingly enough scored by Gearoid McInerney, who had barely escaped suspension after a controversy in the semi. Tipp wonder what happened after leading by 6 points at half time.

Kilkenny won’t even reach the Leinster final, they’re done and will be for years. Cody refuses to stand down and no one is game enough to tell him to go.

Major controversies ensue as leading players are sent off for faceguard pulling incidents.

McInenrney wins HOTY, setting up the dream of a three in a row. Rory O’Connor YHOTY


Bit early to be drinking heavily mate.


2018 could be Limerick’s year, stranger things have happened.


I’m struggling to think of one.


If Cork win Munster, Waterford won’t be in the AI semis


That’s a good point. Waterford to win Munster so.


Who will be the one team to miss out on the “Super” 8s ?


It’ll be Limericks year


Tip will be back @caulifloweredneanderthal @carryharry


It will in its fuck


Kilkenny are nowhere. Leinster final at best if we’re on the other side of the draw with Galway

Galway v Tipp final


Waterford Galway kk Cork


Of course Galway are there for years


Tipperary will win next year. They were better than Galway this year and won that game even though that’s not what the score said. They know themselveas they were better that day and are over all the better side.


Mate, it might be ok for counties like Limerick to win “almost” All Ireland’s, or “maybe” All Ireland’s, but a county of Tipperary’s standing don’t need to lay claim to winning matches they didn’t, or silverware thats not theirs. Its Galways All Ireland, Tipperary will come at them with the fury of a thousands suns next year, and we’d have it no other way.


I think (hope) he’s joking.


Mate. As far as I’m concerned and a couple of close Tipp friends they’re not a bit concerned about next year because they know they were the better team this year and really won that match.