All Ireland Hurling championship 2018


I haven’t paid much attention to this, but is it as bad he says?




Jesus Limerick won’t get any hidings then . Great .


The whole thing is underwhelming and the All Ireland winners from 2018 to 2020 will have an asterisk beside their name.


Christ above, that has to be one of the worst articles I’ve ever read in my entire life.

Sub-editor needs a slapping too. County’s?


Why? Because it won’t be Kilkenny, Tipp or Cork?




Well a Leinster County who consistently try to compete and improve itself, has now been prevented the opportunity to play in their own provincial Championship. For what it matters, it passed with 62%, under the old ruling, it would have failed to reach the 2/3’s majority required to get it through.

The winners of the Tier 2 grade which Laois will play in will be promoted to the Leinster or Munster championship for the following season. The team relegated will depend on who is promoted, with a Munster team facing a playoff if Kerry win Tier 2 and a Leinster team making the drop if it’s a team like Laois.

Cork had proposed that the Munster teams be protected from relegation but that was soundly defeated

That bit shows the ringfencing that is going on, and even the attempt by Cork to prevent it entirely. Its a closed shop now, go home lads, you’re at nothing.


But but but the gga are great and stick hurling is our national game


Dont believe the lies mate, the GGA don’t give a fuck about our “national game” outside of protecting the interests of the strong.


Tipperary at the epicentre of the hurling universe. :clap:


Turning Dublin into a Alcatraz-like prison island is a good idea too. Kudos to the hurling people.


As it was in the beginning…


Conclusive evidence :ronnyroar:


In all fairness, while I dislike this new format, building a campaign against it around Laois doesn’t bear any scrutiny. In the last 10 championship years they have played 19 matches against teams in the Super 10 winning 1 (against Offaly) coming close twice (against Galway and Limerick) and shipping ridiculous beatings the rest of the time, conceding scores like 10-20, 5-29, 5-32. Where is the ambition here? They improved a bit in fairness four or 5 years ago but they’ve slipped right back again. In the 4 championship matches against super 10 opposition in the last two years they’ve lost by an average of 19 points.


Its in his interest to focus on it from a Laois perspective, its a Laois paper. Also, its being viewed from the pov that you won’t incentivise the game in the county if you shut down the opportunity to play in the county’s own province.

IMO the provinces should be shredded, and that does away with the right or no right to play in them. But its hard not to see this from his pov.


It’s Kerry you’d feel for in all this.


Another county trying to make strides, and being told, ah dont bother lads, you’re grand.


My point is that shredding the provinces based on a perceived injustice against Laois does not bear any scrutiny. They are justifiably on the wrong side of the moat when the drawbridge was pulled up.


My auld lad is possibly / probably misquoting the Wexford county chairman but he told me that the chairman said on South East Radio that Wexford were against the proposals. His argument (again according to my unreliable source) was that “sure if our first game of the round robin was Galway or Kilkenny away then we’d probably lose and have practically no chance of getting to the Leinster Final.” Great attitude. :clap: