All-Ireland Hurling Championship 2019 II*** Up Laois

I hope Laois butcher the cunts

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Come on ye and top off a great Sunday and send the stone throwers home with their arses in a sling

Laois laois laois laois

Meyler is surely gone now

Thread battle with two part twos. Who blinks first

We are not here for the camera, we are here for the victory

No contest, It’s like Leinster hurling v Munster

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Not a fan of these, or any, tipp jerseys

Hon Laois. I’m absolutely convinced ye will win this

Shefflin has horrible taste in shirts

Two more weeks of kk acting the poor mouth

Hon Laois

We are going to do it

Four weeks , four weeks

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One up, It’s happening

That Tipp kit is rotten

They look like chamber maids

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Hon Laois

Dunph Dunph Dunph

Great score