All-Ireland Hurling Championship 2019***

Wonder how galway will go.

We are going to do it.

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Galway should get out of Leinster anyway which puts them 2 or 3 games away from winning it. They’ll need to pick up a few players in the back 7 in particular though and avoid draws and yet more fixture congestion in an already overcrowded calendar.

5 different winners in 6 seasons starting in 2013 and all 5 of those and Cork and Waterford will feel they can be top dog in 2019.

I think Munster will be very tough. Limerick will have Cork and Clare at home and Tipperary and Waterford in Thurles. We would need to win the home games at the very least and win one of the games in Thurles.

Waterford with all their problems this summer would still have emerged from Leinster imo. It’s very lob sided and shouldn’t be done on a provincial basis anymore.

Cark look a decent bet. They need to get rid of the provincial championships.

It’ll be Kilkenny and Galway in Leinster and between Dublin and Wexford for third. That’s not going to change in the foreseeable future
Munster a minefield

Dublin lost by 1 score to each of Galway, Wexford and Kilkenny. Four teams reasonably competitive in Leinster with one whipping boy which wii probably be the case again next year. Three spots in Leinster were all bedded down after three rounds with two rounds of dead rubbers, 3 slots in Munster bedded down after 4 rounds with nothing at stake last round. That will increasingly be an issue.

Aren’t there only 4 rounds in each round robin?

How are tipp placed for next year?

They’ll be in Munster again.


Kilkenny beat Wexford and Dublin by 1 score in matches they were 2nd best in, With Richie Hogan and TJ Reid 31 & 32 by next year and nearing the end and heavily reliant on Eoin Murphy to pull off 3-4 wonder saves in most matches to bail out a leaky defence, Kilkenny are a very beatable target for both Wexford and Dublin in 2019.

Dublin won’t bate KK in Nolan Park you ape.

Hard to see passed Cork.

Next season, is our season!

Galway’s odds are mental.
Clare at 9/1 is a good price.

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They may as well do away with the rule book altogether next year.


Refereeing at it’s lowest ebb ever.


Limerick should go in as favourites

It’s incredibly difficult in the modern era to do back to backs.

A lot of the Galway posters in particular were giving it big licks about Tipp’s inability to do so. However, in the past 30 years since Galway’s one and only back to back, bar Cork doing it once, Kilkenny have been the only team to win consecutive all Irelands

If Cork can find a full back, they’ll give it a rattle, but for me, Limerick will be the team to beat.

Not a chance of Limerick going back to back.

They’ll go bananas.

Sure look at what happened in Clare after they won it.