All Ireland Hurling Championship

Strong rumours that Cha Fitzpatrick has been thrown off the Kilkenny panel by Cody. Internal indiscipline apparently and alleged breaking teams rules re drinking and stuff. He was better than Shefflin last year imo. Coming off the back of being named Young Hurler of the Year, All Ireland title victory and also All Ireland Club title in March this would be huge news.

Agree on their depth of talent. The KK lads do like to socialise by all accounts but are extremely driven and single minded when it comes to their hurling so would be surprised if he had thrown it all away.

Another thing is they can afford to drop him for 3/4 weeks (if indeed they actually have done) in order to give him a kick up the arse and he’d still conceivably be back in time for the Leinster Final. It’s not as if they’re facing a tough first round game.

I hate the way they call him James ‘Cha’ Fitzpatrick. Either call him James Fitzpatrick or ‘Cha’ Fitzpatrick.

Well done Bandage for not falling into the trap.

Is he that good? He was much heralded when he came on the scene first but last year seemed to be his first good season