All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


Id love to see The Dow walk all over Daithi Burke in the last 15 mins.


What’s the likely Limerick starting 15?


The NaP starting 15.


Haven’t even read the content of this thread, but I sincerely hope that Croke Park is hit by a tremendous bolt of unimaginably powerful lightening Sunday week, and all the attendees, players, supporters and officials are wiped off of the face of the earth for all times.


Clare should’ve finished Galway off in the last 10 minutes today. Limerick won’t pass up that opportunity.


You’re a very disturbed individual. It’s actually scary that you are apparently trusted with children , your own and other peoples.


Mental illness is a serious business


He reminds of a lad I saw today walking around the town dressed in the full wexford kit, pushing a buggy* with a dog perched in it looking out at everyone

*Pushing, not running


You’re a cunt.


Daithi is playing with a stress fracture in his ankle. Limerick will roast him.


I agree, but that’s normal.


I’ll get a decent rudundancy package within the next 3-5 years buddy. Gas thing is I’m already earmarked for a GDA role, I’ll enjoy it. Money for my hobby :wink:


It’s even scarier to imagine you with more time on your hands.


I’m below in the Cū in P’Well, and they’re terrified of Galway.


What book are you reading tonight?


The Limerick crowd have gone very quiet, even on here. Has there even been one Limerick poster comment so far on this thread? @AppleCrumbled is still ranting about Galway losing to Monaghan yesterday in football, as if that mattered a jot to anyone.

Is it some kind of strange superstition omerta I wonder?, if they stfu for two weeks it might reduce the hype level and help the team win.

What an odd bunch of cunts they are.


An email was sent out. They’re terrified


You should see the PM’s. Funniest thing I’ve read in long time. First lad to post will be shot


Zzzzzzzzzzzz, you stupid hook nosed cunt…


Great Championship. Best I can remember in years.

With exception of Limerick, no outstanding team. So far.

Galway seem to have regressed when I thought they’d kick on since last year. However, they’re still the only team unbeaten this year and that may remain as such come August 19th*. That’s saying more about the standard of the opposition than about Galway. They don’t seem to have the brilliance of a peak era Kilkenny for example. O Donoghue badly needs a plan B.

*I’m calling it now. This is going to a replay