All Ireland Hurling Final 2018


Other lesser counties truly besotted by Limerick is very entertaining.


Let the replay be on in Thurles. We can’t seem to win in Croke Park this year…


The really mad fellas are convinced it’s everyone else that has something wrong with them


And so we should be. Monsters and reigning All Ireland champions


Who’s in the minor lads ??


They have been got at. Tickets for good boys who keep quiet until the final



As an aside how the fuck do I move a quoted post from one thread into another


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Galway v Clare

James Owens confirmed to referee the All-Ireland SHC Final between Limerick and Galway


The best in the business.



Advantage Limerick


Will the programme have pack weights and vertical leap and all that blarney for this clash of giants?


Can Galway expect fair play* from him?

Fair play = 40% split at this stage.

Edit Fuck me, I thought McGrath got it. Owens again ffs. Cunt has rode us all summer. This must have cost a pretty penny.


Advantage Limerick my hairy arse. Those Galway gang rapists will hunt us down in wolf packs hacking and lancing like rabid badgers before we’ll get a free. We must win this match without any room for equivocation. No room for doubt, there must be clear daylight between us.


Not having O’Dwyer ref it may hurt yere chances alright.


JP has his way.

Fucking disgraceful appointment.


I thought Brian Gavin said that James McGrath was getting it?


He was putting forward his good friend McGrath


With Owens in charge Gillane will be able to throw the hurl away at the 65 and run it into the net.


That’s it he’s not turned upside down with a shoulder into the chest.