All Ireland Hurling Prediction Comp 2017


Nah. They’re gone lads.The nuclear button is about to be pressed.I’m looking towards 2019/2020 already, we might be back competing with the top 8 then.


No one is buying their shite. Everyone knows they will be there in August and possibly later.


Clare by 5.


They are trying to go the siege mentality route. Lads took the team building exercise a bit too literally.


Wexford by 2


Wexford by whatever they like


Kilkenny by 9*

*going to go against the grain in order to win this competition


Kilkenny by 7


Liam Óg McGovern out so KK by 5


Wx by 4.





I believe I’ve picked 4 winners on this thread so far. Can my score be adjusted to reflect this.


Superb administrating @Joe_Player :brendan:

I’ve been telling people for weeks, months even that Wexico would win this fixture. However in the week of the game, I believe KK can cause an upset.

The Cats by 3.


Kk by 8 Pts .


Kk by 6


Wexford by 1.


Wexford by 5


Kilkenny by 5


Kilkenny by 7


Wexford by 2