All Ireland Hurling Prediction Comp 2017




What’s up Joe, are you shocked that somebody on TFK has tipped their own team to lose?
It’s a fucking cliché at this stage, you’re not too bad at it yourself.


Every game Clare plays he tips them to lose.


Kilkenny by 9.


That’s a serious prediction after seeing that Kilkenny team


Kilkenny will win handy mate









@Matty_Hislop 4PTS
@Joe_Player 3PTS
@Locke 4PTS
@croppy_boy 3pts
@Fran 5 pts
@Batigol 2pts
@binkybarnes 4ptds
@ChocolateMice 3pts
@Ashman 2ptss
@labane1917 4pts
@myboyblue 1pt
@PhattPike 4 pts
@the_mixer_walsh 1 pt


This week i go waterford
And Galway


Waterford by 5


What’s the weighting between PTS, pts, ptds and ptss?


:grinning: to piss you off


Eh Joe, if you go back and check I called the Tipp/Cork one aswell


You did fixed it there sorry


Good man yourself


Cork by 4

Galway by 11


What the fuck Joe, i successfully predicted a Wexford win last week???


Just fucking roll with it.


Waterford by 8

Galway by 6

I forgot about the Offaly match oops.

Galway​ by 12

Sorry about that Offaly.