Allardyce Sacked

Gone in the last few mins apparently. My shock could be measured as 1 on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not shocked at all.

Apart form the results, i’d say the Barton saga did him no favours either

Lots of talk about Shearer taking over. Would be a worse appointment than Stan to the Ireland job. Shearer already 4/7 with Powers. Crazy

Their form was awful but it wasn’t like they were going to get relegated or anything. The style of football was shocking and his transfers were terrible with Barton being the pick of the bunch. Never liked the prick.

It must have been a dire situation cos it’ll cost them a fortune. He has a staff of about 28 and they’re all on contracts the same length as him. That club is a joke, a disgrace, a laughing stock.

Always thought he was a dick too. He prided himself at Bolton on his early adoption of sport science and all it entails. Hence, the 28-strong staff of dieticians, statisticians etc that Juhniallio talks about. He’ll end back managing Middlesborough or someone in the EPL after doing a few months’ punditry on Sky. And then his star will rise again as the English media celebrate the mediocrity of him getting them to a League Cup Final or something.

I don’t think anyone will succeed at Newcastle. What is it about that club?

The amount of money that they have blown over the years as well…

Hitzfeld would be a good call for them though. Talk is of McClaren.

Just heard that Redknapp is linked - the money grabbing fook

Sky Sports have been reporting since late last night that Newcastle are going to make an official approach to Portsmouth for Harry Redknapp today. I haven’t seen anything come of it yet but what the fook? Are they limiting their choices as club manager solely to those managers who’ve featured on Panorama or what?

He doesn’t have much management experience but surely Willie Mackay is worth a shout.

Harry cancelled his usual Friday press conference and the two clubs are believed to be thrashing out a deal at present. The potential for hilarity with the wheeler-dealer Harry Redknapp at Newcastle is massive.

Typical Redknapp. He must be one of the snakiest people in football.

‘So much for loyalty - I’m off to where the bucks are.’

Really bugs me when people say that they like him.

Good comment Farmer - I cannot stand people who like him. Reflects awfully on them. The least loyal prick in the game.

He’s quoted today as saying that money wouldn’t be an issue for him.

sky sports have a reporter live outside fratton park…with the exclusive news (from a reliable sky sports source) that Harry Rednapp is in an exclusive restaurant in central London…

what the fook? do these pricks ever report actual news

'appy 'arry is staying dahn sarf wiv Pompey.

Some reports today stating that Shearer is coming around to the idea of managing them.

At least it would get him away from punditry.