Allianz National Football League 2023

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Ye had a good run

So we relegated ye today…


Does that last game have Tailteann implications?

No. Both teams now into tailteann.

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AFAIK it is as follows. I looked it up lately

Top 16 ranked teams are in championship.
Winners of division 3 take the bottom two spots and are the first to go.
Westmeath have to be in it and will not qualify automatically. So runners up in division 3 final are gone. Then one team in connacht is guaranteed to be non top 16 so the 2 division 3 teams are gone.
Third from bottom in division 2 is safe as it stands. But should any other non top 16 team make a provincial final then they are gone. So it would definitely be a bit of security to get up to 4th from bottom.

Its hard to see realistically any situation where third from bottom does not make it. Unless Cavan make an Ulster final. Which would likely involve them beating Armagh and Donegal. Or Limerick or Clare beat Cork. I don’t see any possibility that it can happen in Leinster and only one can and will happen in connacht.


To add to this were westmeath to make the Leinster final then the winner of division 3 would get back in

Any update on McFaul’s legal wrangles with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office @peddlerscross?

Was that Kyle Coney who was on co-commentary on Radio 1 today for the Donegal v Mayo match? He struggled to make any pertinent points. At one stage he was claiming that it wouldn’t suit Mayo to be in the league final but then kind of petered out as he had no conviction in his statement. Only that they wouldn’t want to be in another league final after what happened v Kerry last season.

Anyone know the permutations at the top of Div 4 now? Wicklow have beaten Laois and Leitrim so I assume would have the head-to-head advantage over the other two should they beat Waterford. I therefore have Wicklow down as favourites for 2nd place but I’m not sure if this is correct?

The OTB lads have been quarrelling over the Westmeath/Cavan/Meath rankings in their power rankings lately. Tommy Rooney reckons Westmeath have to be highest because they’re guaranteed to be in the race for Sam, while Cavan probably need to reach an Ulster final to be in the main race. I thought last year that Div 3 winners were in the Sam Maguire assuming the provincials finals didn’t have too many “so-called weaker counties”.

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They should be normally but a guaranteed connacht finalist from lower tiers and Westmeath being guaranteed a slot has altered the equation

Would you believe I was actually talking to someone involved in a leading Football I/C set up the other day and McFaul came up in conversation.

Apparently its just a box ticking exercise for him to be cleared but as of today, he’s still over there.

My pal says that without him Derry will come unstuck in Croker again this year. He’s the man who can “break the lines” and “create overloads”. He has a telepathic understanding with Herculeas and Ethan Doherty too.

My pal also said its between Dublin and Kerry for the All Ireland. Dublin are in a very heavy training schedule at the minute (Gilroy is dogging them) but when they get it right, they will get it very right. Kerry will be there because their goalie isn’t an accident waiting to happen and they have Clifford.

Was just thinking there that if Louth beat Dublin in the final round of NFL fixtures they’d actually steal that 2nd spot on head-to-head. They’ve really snuck into that position very quietly. Now it’s unlikely they’ll win the game in Croke Park but the likes of Clare and Kildare have come agonisingly close to toppling Dublin already this year in HQ so who knows what Mickey Harte could spruce up.

If Dublin stop training they’ll be purring

They’re training like they did when they were winning All-Irelands apparently.

It’s a matter of 3 or 5 in a row at this stage I’d say. The O Gara chap is as good as the brother and that’s saying something

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