Allianz National Football League 2024

He had a bit of a meltdown just before half-time against Kerry in the 2016 semi-final but steadied himself and they won by 2 in the end. I think he had a kick-out intercepted for a crucial Andy Moran score against Mayo when Dublin threw away a 7 point lead late on in the 2015 semi. They won the replay though.

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Its almost like hes human.

He’s iconic- just like clifford. Refs make the game suit the legend sometimes

Or “Sir Cliff” as the jacks call him. Them and the horsey set love the aul royalty.

Have Gaelic Footballers slimmed down quite noticeably this year?

The Dublin boys seem to be much leaner and not as muscle heavy. The fact there was very little cramping up in Extra Time would suggest there is more emphasis on athletic endurance now over being gym monkeys.

Cian lynch looks to have slimmed down a bit too

Con O’Callaghan definitely has. Kilkenny/Small and a few more too I’d say.

Glass said recently he doesn’t bother much with the gym.

I’d say the GPS stats of the ground covered by some of the players on Sunday was off the charts.

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That Paul Cassidy lad has a serious bit of pace when he gets going

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He’s in the shadows (of Con O’Callaghan and Paul Mannion).

Dublin taking a leaf out of the Kilmacud playbook apparently.


Is that all he has? Poor when you call your own free’s

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Hard to argue when you put it like that