Allianz National Hurling League 2023

6 months

Yes but Hego is a tramp

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Clare carrying on from last year…

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The likes of Clare and Waterford think that going down the bad boy route will bring them success. They’re forgetting the basics of putting the ball over the bar and into the back of the net though.


My predation is thst Feargal will do the following:

Saturday 7pm at TUS GG - Limerick v Tipperary
Sunday 3.45pm at UPMC Nowlan Park - Kilkenny v Cork

All final round NFL Games to throw in at 1.45pm.

The last thing Hurling needs is another exceedingly attractive double header with an airport atmosphere.

Think I heard Cork and Kilkenny is pencilled in for Saturday.

I was thinking Kilkenny would be due a home game so Sunday afternoon would be more preferable due to no floodlights at UPMC Nowlan Park

Limerick Tipp is on half 7 Sat night Gaelic Grounds.

I’m not so sure. We are shaky at full back (and in a few other departments)

Ill gladly take a home game. Hate travelling to Nowlan Park even though it is a great place to watch a match

Very true. We have a great knack of working the ball into wide positions and getting the worst shooters on it.
Tom Barron had a point in the second half when he could have passed to Dessie to try and work a goal. I think it was Tom who missed a good goal chance himself.
Not a bad one to lose. Chance to get lads fit. Iarlaith Daly is the new Darragh Fives - a lad that is always injured.

I’d say losing today is a huge positive for Waterford.

De Burca looks back to his best from what I’m watching here.

Lovely bit of needle between the Ballyhale and Ballygunner lads in Nowlan Park there.

Cody gave Hutchinson a fine dunt earlier and Corcoran and Fitzgerald getting to know each other late on.

Tadgh was very good. Slow pitch might have suited him. Patrick Curran is done, confidence is shot. He is like a golfer with the yips. Pity, he was a great talent.

That Limerick v Wexford game was awful.

I see Paul Murphy querying if de Burca was wearing an earpiece. Very unlikely I think but who knows with the Davy show.

Probably wearing earplugs to block Davy out. He roars from start to finish to no effect at all.


More probable alright.

Hotd out with some stats on Dessie today.


Classic Davy. He’s some ego maniac. The players aren’t playing for you Davy they are playing for there county.