Allianz National Hurling League 2024

I agree that the bar is low. I agree that Horgan, Keenan & Paud are the best of the most recent ones and should all still be reffing.

Still wouldn’t have him up there. I wouldn’t even have him in the top 4 refs in Limerick.

I think Walsh is decent and possibly the best around now. I know Stack annoys a lot of people but I think he’s alright too. I haven’t seen enough of Kennedy really but he seems decent.

Murphy might be better than Gordon maybe, but he’d irritate you in a similar manner.

Clare’s full senior squad is as follows:

  1. Eibhear Quilligan (Feakle)

  2. Adam Hogan (Feakle)

  3. Conor Cleary (St Joseph’s Miltown)

  4. Conor Leen (Corofin)

  5. Diarmuid Ryan (Cratloe)

  6. John Conlon (Clonlara)

  7. Cian Galvin (Clarecastle)

  8. David Fitzgerald (Inagh-Kilnamona)

  9. Darragh Lohan (Wolfe Tones)

  10. Cathal Malone (Sixmilebridge)

  11. Mark Rodgers (Scariff)

  12. Peter Duggan (Clooney-Quin)

  13. Aidan McCarthy (Inagh-Kilnamona)

  14. Ian Galvin (Clonlara)

  15. David Reidy (Éire Óg)

  16. Cian Broderick (Clarecastle)

  17. Rory Hayes (Wolfe Tones)

  18. Paul Flanagan (Ballyea)

  19. Seadna Morey (Sixmilebridge)

  20. David McInerney (Tulla)

  21. Paddy Donnellan (Broadford)

  22. Shane O’Donnell (Éire Óg)

  23. Aron Shanagher (Wolfe Tones)

  24. Shane Meehan (Banner)

  25. Patrick Crotty (Scariff)

  26. Gearoid Sheedy (Ogonnelloe)

Looking forward to this tomorrow evening. Train down and a couple of beers. Hopefully the weather is ok. Should be a decent game.

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No TK…

Be very interesting to see how much Clare put into this. They have to have one eye on Ennis in 2 weeks.

The fear is palpable in this post.

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I’m tipping Kilkenny as a result. I genuinely think Clare are the better team, but I’ve a feeling they might be more ready for Limerick

Clare will beat Kilkenny. Although not naming the hurler of this generation is concerning.

What’s the story with Lohan always naming Fitzgerald 8 & Malone 10?

Do they just like those numbers?

Or is it just to get a laugh out of Marty and the likes?

Mind games - sure you can see @batigol is seriously rattled by it this morning


I’d have most certainly popped in to see this if the great TK was playing but I’m not so sure now.

No Keith Smyth even in panel. Is he injured?


Saves the PRO a good hour or so on the computer

Angry Computer GIF

Drennan starting instead of TJ.

Niggle I’d say. I’d be wrapping TJ in cotton wool of I were kk.

No way this game goes ahead.

Pitch inspection at 12. Croke park and PUC at the ready.

It’s windy but not very wet. Supposed to calm this afternoon.

The Minor on Thursday night hardly helped the Semple surface.