Allianz National Hurling League 2024

Thought there would be 8, idle team every weekend sounds shite

Two leagues of 7. Three cutthroat matches (in the top division) every Sunday.

That’s the plan.

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Except there won’t be three cutthroat matches really, albeit I thought the hurling at the weekend I saw was mighty

Why not return to the old 6 and 6 1A and 1B which was a relative success?


Agree. Division 1A was dog eat dog and 1B was no picnic either

There will be two up / two down which you couldn’t really do with groups of six. Presume the intention is to make it competitive but also allow teams a reasonable chance of promotion / some level of rotation. (Whether it works or not is a different question.)

We’ll probably have another format along soon enough anyway.

The old 1A/1B was perfect but I’d remove league quarter finals.

Top 3 in 1A and top 1B in semi finals. Top 1B has automatic promotion.

Bottom 1A relegated automatically.
5th 1A v 2nd 1B in a promotion playoff.


It wouldn’t surprise me if they go home and away in the round robins and scrap the pointless leagues altogether.

Start paddy’s day with a bang.

That’s a good alternative.

Agreed, no need for league quarter finals in any format.

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Looking like a long 70mins for Dublin here

Limerick using the one handed stick pass loads

Is this on telly anywhere?

TG4 player

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Any link? I can’t find it on this computer.

Have you it playing? I cant find it anywhere

Download tg4 app

It looks like Cathal O Neill at 6 here?

He is. Reidy is out.

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Dublin are hurling fairly well after a tricky start. Some score from Kyle Hayes there and Sutcliffe nails one for Dublin.

Dublin traditionally do well vs Limerick

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