Allianz/Royal Liver/Ford National League final memories

As the relentless Pol Pot Year Zero style purity crusade of the GAA to destroy anything enjoyable continues, I invite you to list your memories of GAA League finals (RIP).

Tommy Carr’s kick on Brian Murray that earned him a six month ban (reduced to four months on appeal) and forced him to sit out the entirety of the 1993 championship. A shock and awe strike by Oglaigh na hÉireann against the Garda Síochána.`

Was there off the field background to this one @Fagan_ODowd?

Laois won the first ever National Football league final. 1926. Beat Dublin in the final in of all places New Ross.


You’re a mighty man to remember that.

I was a sub.


You were fucking blackguarded.

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I believe that was a Church & General sponsored final so please edit the thread title accordingly

Not that I recall. Other than Carr being a nearly bollix his whole career. Murray was a harmless enough owl sort.

O’Rourke sounded like a robot on co commentary

Wexford reaching the Division 1 final in 2005 was a real high point personally. The final itself against Armagh was forgettable enough from a personal perspective but the semi-final victory over Tyrone to get there was iconic.

I quite enjoyed Kerry’s 2017 league final success over Dublin thanks to a last gasp free from Brian Sheehan. Ultimately it didn’t really signify anything though as Kerry subsequently went down tamely to Mayo in an AI semi-final replay.

Laois winning the league in the mid 80s from Division 3 only to lose to Wicklow in the championship

Did the top 2 from all 4 divisions go forward to league quarter-finals back then?

I remember Wexford losing a league hurling final to Offaly in Croke Park in around 1991 by 2-6 to 0-10 (I think). I vaguely remember a ball sailing over Ted Morrissey’s head and going into the net. He was only around 5 foot 6. Was the flirtation with Ston(e)y Burke then later in 1991 or was it 1992 or was it another year entirely? Damien Fitzhenry came on the scene then in 1993 and resolved our keeping issues. I don’t think there was a big crowd at that final but I could be wrong. Do you remember the seats in the stand in Croker back then? Wooden yokes on the arse and back with a kind of a narrow bendy grill type part between seats, like you still see on some park benches. Awful uncomfortable things. And that was the era where every second man brought his ticketless youngster in with him to sit on his lap.

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Division 3 South

1993 was the final year of Royal Liver League finals so it was a Royal Liver final.

1994 when Meath beat Armagh the day Senna got killed was the first Church & General final.

Apologies to the folks at Church & General and may I clarify that any Church & General sponsored finals (up to and including the Derry v Meath replay of 2000) are eligible for reminiscences in this thread.

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Stoney was 92
Ted was in goal for DJs 20+ steps which was 91 I’m almost sure

Wexford we’re very very close to making a break through in early 90s,(won’t mention93€ a bit of luck and Christy Keogh could have been a hero

The 1988 final replay was peak Meath. A 14 man masterclass. Kevin Foley was sent off in the first few minutes in a similar manner to how Gerry McEntee would be sent off in the All-Ireland replay later that year. They disembowelled us. The highlight was this second half golazo by Liam Hayes, a goal that was frightening in its atavism and superiority.