Alright Sort of the Year 2019


A chance to log who you think are people who are alright - the anti COTY thread


Simon Coveney


Jason Sherlock


Mary Robinson


Liam Sheedy




Philly McMahon


Joe Canning


I can see this being the feel good story of 2019, Liam Sheedy, a man no one could have a bad word about, bringing Tipp back from the dead to redemption.
I’d almost wish it to happen. Except I won’t though I think he’s a very sound man.


And Art is straight in with the negativity.


Art in having a go at a woman and there not even 10 posts in the thread yet.


try to educate yourself before spouting off and virtue signalling


Try to fuck off Art.


It’s probably just a coincidence that it was the only woman nominated so far too.


I don’t know whats up your hole but youd want to extract it fairly sharpish


Do you know what virtue signalling is you dope? You’re afraid of women, it doesn’t take much to point it out.

Maybe you should educate yourself.


good lad, keep screaming misogyny and trying to white knight. youre a bigot and a misandrist




You’re the one getting hysterical here Art. Calm your tits.


using female body parts with violent intent. the mask slips you woman hating freak!