Alright Sort of the Year 2019


Aside of nominating myself, I would nominate Cian Lynch and John Kiely as ASOTY 2019. Close the thread and just give the joint award.


Nomination: Una Mullally.

A vital voice in Irish society, who consistently writes with honesty and compassion and displays superb knowledge.

And, best of all, winds the fuck out of shrieking neanderthal creeps.


Pj mcmanus


She’s clearly unwell and roaring her on while sniggering in the background does her no favours.


She’s hit and miss, very good most of the time but sometimes very poor.


Sniggering at somebody having cancer does you no favours.


John Doyle


Aishling Creedon

John Thompson.

Both From cork



Pat McDonagh


Romesh Ranganathan


Johnny - romesh’s mate


Taoiseach Varadkar… He says we won’t starve (unless we run out of high end dinners)
The Cunt. The




We "may be unable " to source ready to go dinners like you’d get in Marks and Spencer to loosely paraphrase our leader.
Fuck all good to lads below in Aughawillian.


Surely the Willies are self-sufficient?


You can bet it. They ate their young to keep the headcount below 400.

We’ll never starve, There’s validity in Seamus O’Rourke’s observations. The hard border is the job for experienced folk.


Kevin Hart


Andy Samberg

“the world is and always has been a nightmare, it just seems worse now because of our phones"


Marcelo Bielsa