An Appreciation Of The Dunph's Moderating Skills

Other moderators might quickly have banned the rogue user but The Dunph decided to take up the invitation, went toe to toe and utterly destroyed him.

There was simply no coming back from Dunph’s “crabs” comment in relation to The ATM’s mother.

Super stuff Dunph. :clap:

I even got €50k off him. Not a bad nights business. :pint:

I personally liked how Dunph sucked him into a false sense of security by appearing to crawl up his hole.

He knows what hes at :clap:

Any chance you’ll reinstate the ATM lad. I think he’d have a few things to say about this.

The ATM was out of order.

Hmmmmm…What’s going on here?

Is that thick country vegetable I smell here???


Following quite a poor performance by Bandage in the moderating stakes in recent days, especially in the GGA Bombshell thread, is it time that The Dunph was finally moved above him in both rank and responsibility? I would prefer to put this debate out there in the open as I feel it has been unfair for myself and Rocko to be conducting a bilateral debate via PMs which we have been doing for some time now on this issue.

Agreed, time to put fatso out to pasture

Ss, let me know how I can help you to move this along, I have some good ideas re a quick resolution here, pm on the way

:o :popcorn:


I thought the Dunoh ran the show already here and Bandage was just the Charlie O’Leary type part of the puzzle.

Fuckin Hell :o


That’s what everyone thought but I’ve been told that nominally, Dunph is actually below Bandage in rank, seems ludicrious I know. Enough’s enough though, Dunph has shown himself to be a far superior moderator to Bandage in the last few months, he should be moved up the ranks to Rocko’s right hand man. Bandage has lost interest and his performance has been uneven in recent times.

Given Bandages recent retirement from active sports kickball, he will have more time to devote to moderating, I wouldnt give up hope on the big man just yet rocko.

SHANNONSIDER** makes the grave mistake in describing me as a moderator. I am an administrator. And, despite having to retire from elite level astro football, I have picked myself up, I have fought my way back and I know in my heart that for the best is yet to come. I am more determined, and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do, and the future that lies ahead. We are an online family and we rise and fall together as one forum. I say to SHANNONSIDER** that now is not the time for partisan bickering and political posturing, and that we must put posters before politics.

4 more years! 4 more years!

I too will be supporting the dunph but the man could be busy with dogs and important work so in your own time there dunph