An Phoblacht?

No, I’m grand thanks.

Side of Ham?

Last copies there of the Sinn Fein Weekly!

“I’m ok there Mary.”

It was Tony last week wasn’t it.:wink:

Ah sure they’re the same person.

Oul Paddy is great gas.

[quote=“Flano”]Ah sure they’re the same person.

Oul Paddy is great gas.[/quote]
The man sure has a lot of hate!

And he’s right too.

An Phoblacht is gay. Now Saoirse, that was a real paper. I used to love the Irish War News section. Usually went something like “Two members of the South Down brigade Oglaigh na hEireann fired on a foot patrol of crown police in Newry on friday night, there were no casualties.”


id say most of their war section reports would end with “there were no casualties.”


I can’t read Ruari o B anymore.

I notice there is a useful article in the latest edition NCC regarding ‘Signing on in the 26 counties’. There is actually no Irish War News section in this week’s edition.

[quote=“Flano”]No, I’m grand thanks.[/[/I]
No. Ni Ha.

The Cherry Tree’s newest money making racket I hear…

Or the oldest…