Andy Murray


Novak :clap:

One of the best games of tennis I’ve seen in years. Fair play to both of them. :clap:


Novak wins. All credit to him. What a player. What a guy. :clap:

Andy will be gutted having had those championship points in the second set.


Murray reminds me of cesc4 - a great player when things are going his way. But if you can sow the seeds of doubt in his mind during a game and make him doubt himself then you’ll beat him.



You are so naive, even Lance Armstrong fans aren’t as gullible as the likes of you. Nadal gets injured because he’s human, his body needs to recharge because he’s human and as for resting, this is just me hazarding a guess here but I’d say Federer has taken part in more tournaments this season that the rest of the top four.


gutted i missed that, working on sunday is horredndous, sun-thurs work week is a major downside of living in middle east
Mate, throw up some pics of Heather and Laura Robson there would you , they’re decent bits of stuff


Signing in. Hon Andy.


Andy takes the first 6-4 :clap:


Come on Andy!


Balls. :mad:


Andy breaks in the third set. Cmmmmaaaannnn. :clap:


Thats the 3rd, Andy leads 2-1 :clap:


Andy holds to secure the third set. Two aces in the game too. :clap:

The break point statistics show how Federer is barely clinging on to Murray:

Murray - 2/10;
Federer - 0/1.

My own guideline is that break point success % can be roughly equated to double success % in darts. You really need to be getting it up to 40% to avoid difficulties. Andy’s missed chances in the second set allowed Federer to nip in and steal the set on a tie-break.

Time for Andy to stamp on this slimy prick’s throat now. :clap:


Federer breaks in the fourth set. :mad:


Murray with the break back. Very tight game.


Battling stuff by Murray. Not just the break back but a mammoth hold in game 8 to make it 4-4. This guy survived Dunblane. He can survive anything.


Murray breaks and will serve for the match at 6-5.

Come on Andy! :clap:


Federer breaks back! Another tie-break!

This is too much.


Murray is falling apart


Off we go to a deciding set.


Andy Murray is my favourite sportsperson in the world.

What a guy. :clap: