Andy Murray


And Bandage calls Nadal a plugger. :rolleyes:


Murray saves 4 break points to hold. What a fantastic game of tennis. 3-3. :clap:


I think everybody who understands tennis would agree with that. Obviously people who fancy him might have an alternative view.


Eat that, pubeheads.


Another break point saved by Andy. 4-4. :clap:


Murray needs to get his first serve percentage up close to Friday’s level - he’s clinging on to Novak at the moment.


Poor standard of game. Murray has a habit of reducing the quality of game, nowhere near the standard of last year’s Australian Open final.

The British Armed Forces’ poster boy looks like he will take the first set here.


Yes fucking YES. Hon Andy.


Brilliant tie-break by Andy. He takes it 7-2. :clap:


Great perseverance by Andy in that set.


Agreed, a huge mental boost to Murray.


He never gave in. It was like a young man being told there would no funny business on the first night but an hour later being ball deep in her.


You are comparing Murray to a rapist? I suppose that makes sense given his support for armed forces who have raped humanity all across the globe.




Important hold by Djokovic from 0-40.


4-3 in the second set to Murray and it’s going with serve. The opposite of the first set in fact, with Murray exerting the pressure on Novak’s serve and holding relatively comfortably himself.


How bad is Murray’s eyesight? Or is it the fact that he’s a classless cunt?


5-4 Murray. Right, let’s attack this Djokovic serve on the turnaround. :guns:


Murray looking very composed here. The US open win seems to have given him real belief that he can stare down Djok.


Here we go Andy, cmaaan.