Anglos Declaring for Ireland?

I see Nottingham Forest Centre Half Luke Chambers wants to play for Ireland now. It seems to be becoming a flood with Stearman, Pennant, etc, would people here be for or against?

Hmmmm it’s a tough one, the annoying thing is it’s all the crap players looking to come over! if they perform for us then fuck it why not.

Hard to have a blanket reaction to everyone. The likes of Aldridge was hardly immersed in his Irishness growing up but escaped much criticism because of the lower profile of the sport here at the time and the fact he was at Oxford then. But it’s hard to argue against the Anglos declaring for Ireland when you see the impact players like hiim had.

The new crop of “volunteers” do seem a bit more mercenary though.

Ban this spamming cunt - he’s started numerous threads like this and his comments about “a flood” are extremely offensive given the tsunami in Japan. Rodney Marsh was sacked from Sky for much less. :angry: :rolleyes:

Mercenary, I’d say thats mercenary.

Go way you dickhead, i hardly meant like that. By the way i have’nt seen much BDO darts on TV lately Sid?

Jimmy coming out swinging for the fences here…Sid could be rocked badly by this wave of attack!

If they are practising Catholics then I have no problem.

That’s an excellent pragmatic view Totti. If they’re up to date with their Sacraments then a simple examination on signatories to the 1916 Proclamation should be all that is required.

If deylikederhughoulheinze then Barrup and fuck. Tsk glug glug glug.