Angry Metalheads & Punks

Shit video, but a great song

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Some lovely tunes being put up here.

One of the biggest and nastiest riffs I’ve ever had the pleasure of headbanging to…

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@Fagan_ODowd - what’s the best live hard-rock / metal gig you’ve been at?

In all fairness, Metallica, supported by Mastodon, Avenged Sevenfold and Alice in Chains in Marlay Park was some show.

Avenged Sevenfold. Almost Easy.

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Classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal Tune here

Sledgehammer by Sledgehammer.

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I like Avenged, but how they made it that far up the bill, I will never know. Mastodon, from memory, were hampered by a bad sound that day - then again, that seems to be a common issue in Marlay. AIC and Metallica were at their head-banging best, as always, but by the time Ennio Morricone I was hammered! From memory, Metallica played a good chunk of stuff from And Justice. Successful day out.

Metallica live 1985


Album of the year from 1990


@Fagan_ODowd - as a Mastodon fan, would like to know what you think of these guys. The change in pace around 3:30 is epic. Played the shit out of this album when I got it.

Went to see these lads in the SFX sometime in the mid 90’s and got rat-arsed in Fibber Magees afterwards

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All I wanted was one Pepsi and she wouldnt give it to me.


Were you ever in Vagabonds in Salthill back in the mid 90’s?

There used to have a metal night. Went there once (after a house of pain concert), holy fuck, i was scared shitless.

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I wasn’t pal - I heard similar stories though! Was lucky enough to have a few mates in metal bands, so we’d be hanging out in pubs in Loughrea and Ballinasloe while they’d tear the place asunder playing Megadeth and Slayer covers.

Having said that, I was making my foray from Thrash into Swedish Death Metal around that time. At The Gates, Meshuggah, In Flames, Entombed. Sunday nights on 2FM with John Kenny. Jesus, radio in Ireland has changed a lot since then. No national broadcaster touching this stuff in years.

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When was that Fagan? Alice in Chains were fucking cracking band, would love to have seen them. Metallica is a great show.

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And this