Angry Metalheads & Punks

Right @Fagan_ODowd - I’ll kick this off with a triple-play…

Mastodon the Last Baron

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Very nice. Saw them when they opened for Tool on the 10,000 Days tour. They rocked out!

Sepultura - Refuse/Resist

Suicidal Tendencies :smile:

I rarely got a box from the ould fella, but I did the day I came home wearing one of their t-shirts.


Pantera - Walk

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Pantera - Cowboys From Hell (Moscow 1991)

Just look at the size of that crowd…

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You beat me to Pantera by 10 seconds - good call pal! And it was was toss-up between Cowboys and Walk!

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Volbeat - Still Counting

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Jaysus KP, you’re a bit of a darkhorse…

I spent a year or two mad into Metal then Nirvana came along and I got whisked away for a few years but I still dip in and out.

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Stay on the left-hand path. New album by Enshine (“Singularity”) is a cracker and well worth checking out.

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I remember seeing a clip of this on Beavis and Butthead and thinking it was awesome.
What a tune.


@KinvarasPassion @cluaindiuic

Side project for Mike Muir and some of the other Suicidal Tendencies guys - Infectious Grooves

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Mastodon at the Academy



Apparently, True Romance is on TV tonight…

@feck_it - one of the best scenes in the movie has this song…


I love these guys Slipknot, anyone heard of them?



I might have one or two of their tapes at home.