Another US shooting

A reporter and a cameraman have been shot dead live on air this morning in the US.

Reporters killed lived on air


Guns for the media is shirley the only sensible reaction to this

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Will the Indo try and pin this on Gerry Adams?

Shooter has turned the gun on himself after a car chase.

The victims have been named as reporter Alison Parker (24) and photographer Adam Ward (27). The shooter has been named as Vester Lee Flanagan. He previously worked for the station using the on-air name Bryce Williams.

He’s not dead though.



Go Pro footage taken by the shooter is on Twitter. I wouldn’t advise watching it.

The shooter?! Fucking hell. I saw the footage from the camera, but didnt realise his was out there.

Yeah. He’s standing around the victims for a good 30 seconds before he does anything. They don’t notice or acknowledge him at all. Then it takes a grim turn.

Saw the footage, wish I hadn’t really. Strange the way he was so close to them and they appeared not to notice him at all even though he had a gun pointed at the reporter for a good few seconds, he lowered the weapon then composed himself made sure he was getting good video footage and blew the woman away with 8 shots.

What’s Go Pro mate ?

Shooter brown bread.

Normally the preserve of twuntish cyclists who provoke motorists and then upload the footage to YouTube, it’s a camera normally mounted on a helmet to give a POV footage

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Did he post any reason as to why he did it?

He probably felt like he was a victim I suppose. Think the cunt wrote a 23 page essay.

Southern media bias.


What they clearly need is more good guys with guns


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That’s class

The warmer weather seems to bring the mass murderers out.