Anti Virus 8e,

Any of our more computer literate posters give me any help on how to get rid of this Virus from my computer I have tried AVG, Ad Aware, Spybot and several others.

It’s a cunt of a virus as it blocks every web page with this

Attention! Your web page request has been cancelled.
This web site refused your connection as it was reported as a malicious request. This can be caused by Viruses, Trojans or Malware found on your computer.

In order to resend your request to the website, press Resend request (please note, this action may cause a permanent block of your computer by the requested website)

In order to activate your security software, please press Fix Now (recommended)

The address is each page begins with - //

It’s wrecking my head!!!

You need to delete a few files and some registry entries.

Have a look at the list at:“attention-your-web-page-request-has-been-cancelled”/