Any interest in showing logos elsewhere?

Any interest in showing your favourite team logo on the postbit (that’s the bit on the left hand side of every post where it says yourname, post count etc). I could put each member’s favourite team on their postbit which would allow us to remember that Gola likes Stoke and Fran likes Port Vale so we can have proper banter when the Potteries Derby rolls around.

It would be a small logo - slightly larger than John Delaney but smaller than the avatar and a bit muted so the colours aren’t too strong for Old Man O’Dowd .

In the interests of democracy I have attached a poll to this thread where members can decide whether they’d like this or not. I will take the results of that poll into consideration when deciding whether to implement this feature or not.

No thanks but bring back Dunph.


Can you look into giving us the option of turning off other people avatars? There’s some unpalatable ones showing up over the last 24 hours.

John Delaneys please.

More water

Nah. There are too many fools on here who refer to several teams as ‘us’ or ‘we’. The amount of chopping and changing that would go on could break the internet.