Anybody getting pissed?

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Is there something wrong with the Hugh Heinz thread or something? :pint:

Not tonight, but RTT has assured me he will join me for a few hints tomorrow night :pint:

I’m sure the crew that went to Clonmel will be going for a hugh tonight given Clonmel itself was such a tame affair.

Elvis night tonight! The women to men ratio at it is usually 80-20. Should hopefully be a productive night.


Elvis was going great guns tonight, he just finished Viva Las Vegas and took a big slug of his pint, and unfortunately it went down the wrong hole. He spent a good 5 minutes coughing and spluttering and tried to gather himself again for Love Me Tender but he was in an awful mess. The tears and spit had smudged his fake tan and he lost all composure. The old women who had spent the night jiving called it a night. I left too.

What’s the plan for the next few days fellas ?

A few warm up hints tonight after training?

Stag tomorrow :pint:

Working all weekend myself . Stag?

Tonight :pint: :pint: :pint:

Tomorroow :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint:

Yes, west clare :pint:

Anyone know the quickest way to Lahinch?

Runt is going to a Roogbee stag. I believe he is in charge of the forfeits, he has a list of rules etc. and a whistle for calling time in a particular pub.

My mind is running back, to the west coast of clare,
To the vodka red bull, and the pints that I had there

I walked to Frawleys pub*, I knew I’d find you there
I stood on White Strand, the drink was everywhere
Nights memories faint, but the mood still remains
I wish I could go back, and be with you again



Soggy biscuits at the ready.

I’ll be saucing in tonight and tomorrow. O Moore Park for one win and one loss on Sunday and few looseners again afterwards.


I am getting too old for this shit