Anyone ever live in the Middle East?

Whats it like?
Is money worth it?
Is it really a place to clean up?

You would need to be specific here I’d say .

Wouldn’t have thought that lifestyle would appeal to you kev. One of my good pals lives in abu dhabi. V well paid but v expensive place to live. His view is that you can save a lot of money over there if you wanted to live like a hermit. He’s a v irresponsible person though and I’d say he doesn’t have much stashed away.

I’ve spent a couple of weeks in Saudi Arabia and it is a disgusting country full of horrible people. Dubai is supposed to be great for drinking and riding for twentysomethings but I suspect that won’t interest you. Rent is ridiculous. My cousin’s rent is 5000 dollars a month although his employer pays half.

The Arab region is full of snake oil salesmen already.


Well well well .

Offered seemingly ridiculous money to go to Bahrain.
Completely out of the blue.

Highly highly unlikely i would go, but i’d like to expore any reasons why too at the same time.

I have a 4 year (could get out at 2.5) lease here anyway. And parents need me. But still, facinated by it.

I git the same LinkedIn private message




There is only one reason anyone goes and that’s for the benjamins

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I’ve a mate who’s lived in various parts of UAE for about 8-9 years. Left when the arse fell out of it here. He’s married and had 2 kids there to date, they have a live in Nanny and all that stuff and they’ll come home with a ball of money. He’s happy enough there and there’s good access to places where we wouldn’t routinely visit but it’s nearly time for them to come home. I think it suits certain people and I wouldn’t be adverse to it but Mrs. Fran would’ve no interest.

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You’d know the secure lads around here straight off the bat.

Thanks Fran.

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Ya, and that doesn’t drive me enough.

Says something about online networking and doing a few skype calls with coaches etc

A mate of mine got married in Israel (which would of course still be the biggest armed cunts around there). Sirens went off and all had to get out of there…wedding was moved to another hotel. You’d want your head examined to go there

I suppose it goes without saying but hooking into the expat community is very important there for a lot people. The same fella couldn’t kick a football straight when he was back home but over there he joined the local GAA club just for the social aspect.

But if you’re open minded enough I think you could get a lot out of it.

Know a guy from Cork who lived in Israel working for one of the big semi conductor companies. He married a bird out there and they have a kid. Said the place is bat shit crazy and they ended up moving back to Ireland. The wife is nuts though and there’s a fair chance she’ll stab him some night when he’s passed out after a few cans and flee back to Israel with the child.


He sounds like a dick

Fucking superb :smile: :clap::clap:

Well he is a mate of mine