Anyone falling under the spell of Dionysus tonight?

If I get back to Limerick before closing I might have a couple. Otherwise it’ll be a quiet one.

I’m assuming this refers to getting pissed. If so, then YES.
If it refers to anything gay, then NO.

Yes, will be having a nice fill this evening.

Look, this is how the Knight of Glin and myself routinely converse. It’s not my fault if your knowledge of Greek mythology is patchy at best.

I think I’ll go to the dogs in Limerick tomorrow night, while every other member of the TFK Coursing Club is at the Gaelic Grounds, I might get some peace!

Gays say what…


It would work better without the spaces

Or if I actually spoke it instead of typing it out.


Yours in wonderment,

I’ll be in Smyths this evening if GSH or NCC fancy a scoop or two.

The most common celeb spot will also be in attendance.

Is the Knight of Glin a forum member or just a friend of the forum, or neither?

The Knight of Glin is an antiquarian and art historian residing in Glin Castle. He’s probably the leading authority on Georgian interiors in the country.
I have him on speed dial.

The good news is I’ve finally sobered up, the bad news is the hangover is kicking in :blink:

You mean you don’t have a flask with you to get you through monday? Massive mistake.

The massive mistake was all day drinking yesterday.


What, you don’t either?

In the good times i used to have a vile of coke handy as well, just little sniffs to keep going, but not too much to give away the game. Harder times now, so had to make cut backs, and as Dunphy says, you can’t get good coke in Ireland.

You should move to Hanover St, free samples get delievered to your door step every morning.

Ah Runt, thats Championship standard coke. More of a Champions League or nothing man myself.