Apology time

zlatan came head to head with eto tonight

zlatan was on a different & higher straosphere

time for the luddites to apologise


I watched most of it and all I saw him do was fall over.


inter will get rid of him soon enough

Time for you to end the charade once and for all.

What did the game finish? How many did Zlatan score? How many did Eto’o score?

Zlatan is a flat track bully - he is a proven big game flop, nothing personal against the guy, he’s just vastly overrated. It doesn’t make you a bad person to have what appears to be a bizare man crush on him, and it’s entertaining for the rest of us. Carry on.


How many Champions League medals does Zlatan have mate?

How many does Eto’o have?


It finished 1-0 to Milan, Dunph. Zlatan got the only goal of the game. Player ratings for your perusal in the link below but it’s very harsh on Zlatan - he was masterful yet again tonight; the creator and finisher in the first half and an absolute exhibition of strength and hold up play in the second half, especially when they went down to ten men. He even found time to put Materazzi in hospital. Heroic.




By your reasoning then the likes of Milan Baros, Ludovic Giuly and Jesper Blomqvist are better players than Totti, Cantona and Romario.

eh the milan derby is the biggest club game in the world & he won it for milan

How many times does this guy have to prove himslef before the spanners on here wake up.

Faultless again tonight in one of the top Derby’s. :clap:

It’s dwarfed by Boca-River mate.

Thought Zlatan was the main man myself.

As was said in that piece Bandage put up, stop Sneijder, stop Inter.

Not sure it was a good move for Benetiz, hard act to follow.

loved how he had his arms up celebrating the penalty before it even hit the net. as soon as he kicked it, he knew. B)

That was class alright. Reminded me of Monkey Allen at his irrepressible best.

really sid? thats how you saw it


ibra scored a penalty… in some peoples minds that makes him the best in the world!! eto’o has two champions league medals with two different clubs and is top scorer in champions leaguagain this season eto’o is a racehorse to ibrahinovics donkey…

You didn’t watch the game last night, mate?

Can somebody point me in the direction of a Youtube compliation of Zlatan’s best World Cup moments? Or, if that’s not available, his greatest Champions League moments? I suppose a hat trick including two penalties against Chievo or Empoli or some other diddy team will have to do if that’s not available either.