Apprentice 2019

Starts tonight. They’re all tearing around Malta, great series to get into

Jaysus the loud wan has some set of lips on her fucking hell

Won’t have to deal with her anymore, she’s gone at the first hurdle

Comic book episode this evening

Brilliant stuff. Some right planks on both teams but the PM of the ladies is pretty special. Khadijah- she thinks she’s Maggie thatcher meets Anita Roddick

Lord Sugar has christened her Mrs Putin. No higher honour

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A new superhero for tfk. There’s a lad called Korran in this who is fucking priceless. Hapless last week, he’s only gone and broken his arm this week arm wrestling in the house. Stone cold legend.

Haven’t watched this since the year Tyrone’s Jim stole the show.

Great episode this week where the task was Advertising. They’d to put together a new airline each and pitch it to a room of 300 airline people, and do their own commerical ads too. Definitely the best episode of the season so far. Your man the Arab fella with the long hair and arm in a sling is comical.

It was abysmal. Katty Barry would have come up with better ideas that this shower of incompetents.


Highway to hell on an airline ad ffs!

Jasmine is a fine bird. Down to two men now. The Una Mullallys of this world will love Lord Sugar

Apart from his racist tweets…

The lads are an embarrassment. the American or The Asian lady will win this.

The state of the business cases. Jesus wept

Sugar should keep his money

Cleaning bird has to go


Hangover boy is the only viable option.

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Gone. He was a twat and a cunt tbf.

Nut milk will win