Arcade fire.. greatest band this century?

Have to say the latest album has really grown on me and yes, it’s no Funeral, but it’s still top class.

Dont think there has been a better band in the last 12 years… and they are second to none live.

Signing in.

“Ready to Start” raises my heart rate.

Signing in.

“Ready to Start” raises my heart rate.

Yep. Can’t think of a band that’s been better and they’re awesome live.


I’ve seen them live twice and have been blown away. They leave you buziing for days after…

Funeral is album of the noughties for me. The last two albums never came near that for me though. A few gems in there of course.

Saw them live once in the tent in Phoenix Park and was disappointed. Maybe it was just the venue and that I had expected a lot. Would like to check them out again though.

Have seen them live twice, Phoenix park one was ok but the gig in The Point before Christmas was one of the best I was ever at. Not a big fan of Neon Bible but the other 2 are class

+1 to all of that. The Phoenix Park gig was very flat. Disappointed I didn’t give them a 2nd chance in the point

Mate said the same. New album has grown on me too after initial slight disappointment.

A wonderful talent, but i haven’t got to see them live, and i feel i’ve missed out.

Bit Naive there with that one WTB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Signing in…

I’ve seen them twice, blown away on each occassion. The gig in the O2 before the xmas was savage. I was up in the seated area as herself is in the family way and wasn’t sure whether it would ruin the occassion or not… it didnt, the place went mad. I never saw such raw energy flowing through the place.

I liked The Suburbs the minute I heard it and couldn’t understand the mixed reviews. For me its up there with Funeral, different but quality all the same. Used to wait, Roccoco, Sprawl 2, City with no children…

Best band this century for me anyway, Radioheads best stuff happened around the turn of the century and would be thereabouts also.

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Agree with a lot of this.

As an aside I can’t understand the apathy towards Neon Bible sometimes… I think it suffers from the success of the first album a bit… I took it out again just before the gig in December and it still goes the distance. ‘‘No Cars Go’’ is my favourite single of theirs and Keep The Car Running is up there as well.

What will the singles be from the Suburbs?

Want to sign in but I’m only getting into them. The Suburbs is the best album of last year but for this century, for me, Kasabian are my favourite band. But the more I listen to Arcade Fire the more I like them.

I wouldn’t like to have to choose between arcade fire and maroon 5. Two genre defining acts, different obviously, but similar in the sense that they irretrievably changed the music landscape forever. Tough call for me.

Pure second album syndrome I think, I dug it up also before the gig and think its a decent album.

I am also getting into The National though they will never offer the same live experience as Arcade Fire.

If they played again next weeked, I’d be off in a flash.

FFS. :lol:

Arcade Fire are an above average indie grup with one classic album. Get over them and listen to something that NME or Hot Press hasn’t recommended for a change.

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Really like the National, downloaded their last album (could be their only one) and thought it was excellent. Music for a certain mood.

The National have five albums Kev.

Fair enough, i may have heard them before, but i never put the name with the music.