Archbishop croke park

it seems that most sports fans now see it as an unfinished rugby stadiun these days & that conferences are down 95% next year due to the aviva & due to the new conference centre- also concerts are nearly non existant next year as the capacity & sound of the aviva is much better for concerts

oh dear


im forewarning gga fans that they face a potential funding crisis

Cool story

Good thread NCC and i agree a bowl of soup would go down well now

How long ago did you learn how to write NCC?


i suppose the best way of putting it is would businesses rather hold a conference in ballsbridge or ballybough :smiley:


Time to sell the naming rights. Cash in ta fuck.

Joe Brolly and Colm O’Rourke wouldn’t like that.

William Hill Park

I see what you did there.

Come out William hill,
come out and fight me like a man

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Kaiser Michael Noonan Stadium.