Are Roma the best supported team on TFK

now that mr totti has joined we must be in the majority here

at last the forum has achieved greatness

What about the Lockes

Roma? Pfft!!

Been a fan since I was a kid. The Serie A season with the Montella, DelVecchio, Totti attack is one of football’s greatest stories. Once rode a Lazio-supporting Italian bird while wearing the jersey.


What’s the date for the final up the Croker Piles? Need to clear that week on the calendar


Once rode a tipp bird wearing the B&A jersey. She had the blue and gold on her; some craic!

Confirmed Roma Supporters:
Bandage, TASE, Thrawneen, Mr Totti, Rintintin, Locke, Piles Hussein.

Semi on this Sunday in Mullingar at half two. Final is down for the 13th of Feb.

She must have been from Kilruane…