Armenia vs Azerbaijan

Ongoing border clashes the last few days. Dozens dead. Biggest escalation since 94 peace treaty. A chance it could kick off in a big way

Russia traditionally backs Armenia and Turkey Azerbaijan but it’s all very complicated down there at the minute.

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Is this on Sky Sports?


Would the end of the Kardashian show be a factor here ???

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Somewhat bizarrely the area they are fighting over is landlocked inside Azerbaijan.

You’d fancy the Azeris so.

The maps they are using are somewhat misleading.

Basically it’s an independent enclave run by ethnic Armenians, it is landlocked in Azerbaijan according to internationally recogonised borders, but the Armenians occupy most of the land between it and them since the first war.

To make matters more complicated the little section in the bottom left of Armenia, is an independent enclave run by ethnic Azeris.

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Interesting. I presume TFK is backing the Armenians in this one, except of course for a few contrarians who will argue to the death for Azerbaijani control over the region.

I’m with the Armenians anyway.

This is some Eurosport hipster bullshit you’re just watching because BBC lost the rights to India vs China.


A savage good looking girl I used to work with is Armenian so I’ve no real option but to follow them.


Is swapsies not an option?

“No backsies” has been declared unfortunately

Both countries are on the green list.

Have there ever been any other examples of countries being deliberately kept apart in football draws other than these two mad bastards?

Some of the former Yugoslav countries were for a good few years I think.

Israel and the entire continent of Asia


Remember the Sunday morning in the Conference Centre in Dublin when Dela sniggered …

I remember the Armenians were crazy fuckers in The Shield. So I’m shouting for Azerbaijan here.

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Armenia for me all day. Very tough call here for @Rocko