AS Roma Season 2017/18


Very open there


I’d say Schick can’t wait for the season to end.


He would have scored if he didnt go down


He really doesn’t fit in here


He’s not a winger and I think it takes a while for a striker to learn the lone role up front. Considering he was the big signing of the summer, he has been a huge let down.

Still young though.


Verdi is a lovely player


1-1 Dzeko. Only needs one chance


Dzeko’s near post header has us level.

About 10 mins left.


Poor result.

Nainggolan going off early had a big impact.

Our build up play was very sluggish and we didn’t have any cutting edge in attack. I just don’t see what Strootman brings anymore, he completely kills the play as he can’t move the ball on first time and has no right foot. If we get an offer of €40m this summer we should gobble it up for him.

A real lack of pace in the side which needs to be rectified.


Sign in @Cicero_Dandi!



Totti should come out of retirement for the semi final


Just arrived home to be greeted by Papa and Uncle Claudio, a warm embrace from each and few tears shed.

Grazie Roma.


Uncle Claudio just hopes we don’t get Michael Oliver as the ref if we make the final as he is a corrupt match official.


They’ll perk up when you eff off back to Aughnacloy



I’m not from Aughnacloy, that’s Fulvio.


Don’t tell claudio and papa. They’ll be gutted


Signing in


Signing in.


I converted to being Italian after my trip to Rome, it was written in the stars that I was present in the city on the momentous night we dumped mythi out of Europe