Ask TASE about Russia

Im sure there are a lot of muldoon dullards that needs questions about Russia answered & as a scholar of Russia as well as been part russian Im in the best position to answer them

fire away you thick muldoon dullards

Alright mate… Just wondering what your thoughts are on the great debate about who Russia’s greatest author is, Dostoevsky or Tolsty?.

Personally I much prefer Tolstoy’s rationalist approach to life and in particular in relation to religion but there is something fascinating about Dos’sky mystical appraoch.

Your thoughts will be much appreciated, mate.

Petrograd, Leningrad or St Petersburg mate?

Your post was fine up as far as the bit in bold. What gave you the idea TASE would want to read your opinion on the matter? This is a thread for TASE to inform the dullards, not for the dullards to voice their own opinions.

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a european city in russia- not a russian city

How would you get around mate - car or lokomotiv ?

i prefer the mystical approach

Where would you shop - Centratak or Spartak ??

trans siberian express

Good thread TASE. How are relations between the Orthodox Church and the Armenian Greogrian’s these days?

as you would expect them to be considering everything that has happened

Should Konigsberg Castle be rebuilt mate? Indeed should Kaliningrad remain part of modern Mother Russia at all?

Should Volgograd be renamed back to its proper name of Stalingrad?

no & yes


Волгоград it is & it will remain

Littered with contradiction, mate. But as with every other thread, your insight will be taken on board <_<

Is life fast paced over there?
I only ask because the people there are always russian.

[color="#FF0000"][size=“1”]I’ll get me coat[/size]

TASE, what is the infant mortality rate in Russia?

The biggest blight on humanity - hitler or Stalin?