Ask TFK where to eat thread

If one was travelling from the Fingal area via Dublin to the general Longford area where might one stop for an enjoyable lunch or brunch on the Galway road or anywhere en route?

(For the purposes of this question imagine I’m not travelling by public transport and will be carbon offering.)

I’d take the Sligo road to go to Longford anyway mate.

I just wouldn’t go to Longford. Ever.


Is this for Centre Parcs?

We stopped in Weirs in Multyfarnham before Centre Parcs and food was great


Yeah it is. Thanks will look at that place.

Some dig at Longford.

Seems to not open for food on a Monday. I’ll need an alternative.

The Roadhouse on the N4 just before Mullingar is a grand spot, Feericks in Rathowen another good one


If you go to eat out the food in Center Parcs is fairly poor - the pancake breakfast place is particularly awful. Don’t be tempted to go. The pizza place was ok. The supermarket on site is well stocked and wasn’t too expensive.

Kids will love CP.

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Feerick’s in Rathowen is top notch, trust me. Wrap an oul’ Mayo headband around you and you’ll be feted like a lord. You won’t miss the place either, as you encounter the 1st swathes of red and green you’ll know you’re nearing your destination. He’s a woeful Rhubarb but the grub is smashing, prepare for Roaster portions. :pint:


We went to the pancake place. The omelettes were lovely.

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Mama J loves this spot. She stopped every time driving to/from Sligo. The freezer at home would often have 5/6 loaves of their homemade soda bread.

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Giddiup land