Astana vs Celtic and vice versa

15.00 kick off on Wednesday. That’s Fingal time.

Anyone know if it is on live on BT or Eir?

No coverage announced yet.

Live on Eir Sport 2

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Fuckin Eir. May go to the pub and watch it.

At 3 o clock on a Wednesday?

I’m a student with no work.

You need to get a job, bro.

Oh I know. Worst summer ever that was for me. Hopefully I get a job next summer in the jobs of my dreams and I be able to properly put a post into the top of the world thread

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Henrik Larsson signed for Celtic 19 years ago today. We’ll never see the likes again at Celtic Park.

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Astana vs Celtic and vice versa

Will Astana not be fucked from riding the Tour de France (and there was only 9 of them)

Useless since Vinokourov left them.

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Will Toure be allowed play the two legs ?

He could he registered but he won’t be playing.

Sviatchenko is out of tomorrow’s game and likely to miss return leg too. Fuck.

Ajer hasn’t travelled either because of a thumb injury

Lustig and Ambrose centre back? The current Celtic squad/team is really weak talent wise and mentally. I have a really bad feeling about tomorrow but it won’t be Brendan’s fault - he hasn’t had enough time to get his methods embedded or to make enough inroads in the transfer market. Give me a probable starting lineup while you’re at it, pal.

Still have enough to beat Celtic.

Hard to know what we’ll do. Badly short on centre backs with 5 of them absent, even Ajer who would have challenged for a place tomorrow.

And I don’t know what we’ll do in midfield. Bitton has been injured, Johansen didn’t travel. That makes McGregor most likely to partner Brown. He’s actually our form midfielder at the moment but we will be very open further forward because we then just have a slew of attacking midfielders and I’m not sure we can get them to play defensively.

Griffiths and Dembele probably both starting too? Griffiths isn’t really a lone striker - fine in the league when we get wingers forward but he needs someone to play off in Europe. Dembele looks a more natural lone striker but he’s still very inexperienced and it’s hard to argue for leaving Griffiths out with his goalscoring record.

I’m going to suggest we go with:

Janko Lustig O’Connell Tierney
Brown McGregor
Roberts Armstrong Forrest
Dembele Griffiths

That looks way too attacking but Ciftci, Rogic, Christie etc aren’t going to help on that front. Izzy could play on the left wing at a stretch maybe? It’s a real struggle trying to put a suitable team together.

I really like your 4-2-3-2 formation, pal.

I actually haven’t seen it used before.