to investigate match fixing scandal has been linked to a possible bribery claim against one of its players this week. The investigation by the regulator is pending but details suggest that Clarkeycat, the beardiest player in the squad, has been seen accepting bribes from a rival team.

The allegations made by key witnesses point to an incident at the Sandymount YMCA ground after the recent victory over Odrans’ Boys on October 1st. A member of the InterBorgia playing staff approached Clarkeycat with what appeared to be some kind of media device, possibly an Archos. Clarkeycat was seen to accept the gift and was overheard replying, “Thanks, this will do nicely”.

When questioned about the charges, Clarkeycat responded by saying, “I took the money but i didnt come up with the goods, off the pitch or on it”. This fresh allegation comes hot on the heels of the controversy surrounding the tranfer of Clarkeycat to thefreekick from the A-league. InterBorgia were also trying to land the Craughwell starlet amid reports of tapping up by both sides. He eventually signed for the after, as some officials have put it, his loyalty was “bought”.

The timing of this story is the most crucial aspect of all with theFreekick and InterBorgia playing each other on Thursday. Whether any decision or sanction will be made before then remains to be seen however rumours of disharmony in theFreeKick’s sqaud abound. All eyes are on whether Clarkeycat will be included in this weeks squad.

There has been no comment from either of the clubs or the league on this matter. Analysts are describing the debacle as “fictional”. will not be sidetracked by such wild and unsubstantiated claims, which clearly lack foundation and have been made solely with the aim of unsettling the squad ahead of Thursday’s fixture. To see a former TFK player resort to such gamesmanship doesn’t anger or appall me, rather it disappoints me. I will be making no further comment other than to state that ClarkeyCat is unquestionably a man of exemplary character and has the full backing of TFK’s board, playing staff and supporters.

This particularly disappointing after the fantastic reception Jim received from the TFK faithful last Thursday. Jim’s TFK career may have been as successful as Ali Dia’s Southampton career but he was afforded a wonderful welcome all the same.